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Back to Play Guidelines and updates regarding the 2020 Fall Season and beyond regarding COVID-19 updates and changes will be listed here

12/2/20  Due to VA state orders, no spectators will be permitted at our Winter Adult League games, starting 12/2/20.

CLICK HERE for the Match Day Procedures Document for REC, ACADEMY, U5 STARS, and ADULT LEAGUE
CLICK HERE to read the COVID-19 WAIVER associated with fall registration
CLICK HERE to view the Back to Play Guidelines

The information below was sent to coaches via email on 8/15/20 and to all allocated player families on 8/20/20. For coaches to have successful practice sessions this season PARENTS we will need your help!  Please talk to your player about the following:

Recreation/Academy Coaches and Parents Practice Sessions Guidelines & Procedures

**Planning for the practice sessions

  • Players only leave their car five minutes before practice start time.
  • No Parents on the practice field - must stay in cars, behind fences/netting area or at least 10ft away from the fields
  • **Cones 10ft apart around your practice field for player bag/water  
  • **Recommended Player/Coaches put hand sanitizer on before practice and during transitional water breaks (coaches were given hand sanitizer but it’s a good idea for your player to have one in their bag)
  • **Players will wait at cones until coach is ready
  • **Avoid “bringing it in / team huddles” - communicate with team in a 6ft apart distance, all social distancing
  • End practice 5 minutes early to allow safe transition time for next practice group. Next group wait a few minutes to allow last group to clear the field

**See Practice Session Video Example (link below)

**During the practice sessions

  • Coaches will design activities to avoid long lines
  • Coaches only handle equipment such as cones, pug goals, etc.
  • Coaches keep accurate attendance every practice.
  • Each player will be given a pinnie by their coach to take home with them to wash and bring back to every practice. No sharing pinnies.
  • Remind players to not touch their face
  • Remind players to not share any items such as water bottles, snacks, or other equipment.
  • **Remind players to use Hand Sanitizer if/when they use the restroom and during water breaks
  • No “High-Fives”, Hugs, or close contact
  • Players/Coaches wearing masks is optional.  Coaches will not force a player to remove the mask at any time.
  • During practice, coaches and players try to minimize the use of handling of the soccer ball.
  • Goalkeepers cannot share gloves.

**See Practice Session Video Example (link below)

Stafford Soccer Coach Guidelines & Procedures for Practice Sessions Video

Gwenyth’s Gift CPR Video, Hands Only CPR Training


  • If Coaches do not have an Assistant Coach, please try to procure a Team Parent to assist you. Anyone helping has to be registered in our system. Background checks will be performed on anyone 18 and older.
  • Coaches will have access to our online team page for communication with your rostered families. Parents can communicate through their team page as well.
  • Rosters WILL change! Coaches, please check your team page often and watch for emails from the office regarding changes.
  • Ideas for practice sessions for each age group can be found on our home page at under the COACHING tab. Here you will find session plans and videos for specific age groups.Please note; some of the plans may need to be adjusted to adhere to the new guidelines for this season.
  • Please become familiar with the RULES OF THE GAME, found under the COACHING tab

The following content was sent out to all members via email on 7/31/20:

It's finally time to PLAY!  Stafford Soccer has taken significant measures to ensure the safe and proper return to soccer for our coaches and players. After months of inquiry and collaboration with leaders in the soccer world, and examination of federal and state mandates, Stafford Soccer is launching an action plan to modify our season operations to ensure the safest possible soccer experience for our players. 

Firstly, please reference the Stafford Soccer Phase 4 Return to Play Guidelines as we will move to our internal Phase 4 starting Aug 1st


Stafford Soccer will also be researching and considering the implementation of further responses to the state mandated COVID-19 guidelines and considerations from partnering organizations. Modifications may include; 


  • Guidance to ensure limited touching, sharing, and proper distancing provided to coaches by our technical staff 


  • Stafford Soccer will provide social distancing guidance regarding spectator expectations on game days 
  • Team facilitated snacks and drinks are NOT permitted due to sharing restrictions 
  • Post game handshakes should be replaced with non-touching sportsmanship 


  • Team huddles, high-fives and handshakes are NOT permitted at practices or games 
  • Stafford Soccer will provide social distancing guidance to coaches regarding player sideline management  


  • Coaches should have hand sanitizer at all times  
  • Coaches will NOT lend equipment to players   

*Guidelines are subject to change upon future developments and state mandates. To stay up to date on the current action plan and Return to Play Guidelines, please visit our webpage linked below:


Updated Schedule for REC and ACADEMY: 

  • Final Day of registration before wait list begins  8/2/20 
  • Coaches Meeting (details to come)  8/15/20 
  • Last day to receive a refund or Financial Aid 8/14/20 
  • First week of practice Academy  8/17/20 
  • First of week of practice Recreation  8/24/20 
  • Academy Jamboree  8/29/20 
  • First game of the season  9/12/20 
  • Last game of the season  11/7/20 
  • Held for rain outs  11/14/20 

2020 FEES AND POTENTIAL REFUNDS USING THE NEWLY ADOPTED SCHEDULE LISTED ABOVE (the refund dates are subject to change if there is an additional delay or change in the start date)  Refund formulation is based on fees due or paid out by the club at a given time, along with operating expenses. 

If the fall Recreation or Academy season is cancelled prior to opening day (8/15/20 - 9/11/20): 

  • REFUND: We will offer a FULL refund minus a $20 administrative fee  
  • CREDIT: You may rollover your 2020 Fall registration fee after the $20 admin fee to the next viable season or club training sessions. (i.e. Winter Specialized Training, 2021 Spring) 

If the fall season is cancelled between 9/12/20 – 9/25/20: 

  • REFUND: We will offer a 75% refund minus a $20 administrative fee  
  • CREDIT: You may rollover 75% of your 2020 Fall registration fee after the $20 admin fee to the next viable season or club training sessions. (i.e. Winter Specialized Training, 2021 Spring)

If the fall season is cancelled between 9/26/20 - 10/16/20: 

  • REFUND: We will offer a 50% refund minus a $20 administrative fee  
  • CREDIT: You may rollover 50% of your 2020 Fall registration fee after the $20 admin fee to the next viable season or club training sessions. (i.e. Winter Specialized Training, 2021 Spring) 

 If the fall season is cancelled between 10/17/20 - 10/30/20: 

  • REFUND: We will offer a 25% refund minus a $20 administrative fee  
  • CREDIT: You may rollover your 25% of your 2020 Fall registration fee after the $20 admin fee to the next viable season or club training sessions. (i.e. Winter Specialized Training, 2021 Spring) 

If the fall season is cancelled on 10/31/20 or later: 

  • REFUND: We will not be able to offer a refund or credit of any kind 

Parents/Guardians of fall participants will be asked to read and accept the COVID-19 Waiver during registration. If you already registered and received your confirmation email you are all set!  To view the COVID-19 Waiver at any time please CLICK HERE. Questions regarding the waiver should be sent to [email protected] 

To register for the fall season, please follow the below steps: 

  • Click here and log into your account 
  • If this is your first season, please create an account and add your participants 
  • Start a Registration 
  • Select “PROGRAMS AVAILABLE” next to your participants name 
  • Read and review all questions and waivers 
  • Move through each registration page using the “CONTINUE” button at the bottom of the page 
  • Once completed, please make sure to pay and Submit Order 
  • A successful registration will be accompanied by an email confirmation in your inbox 

If you have any questions please contact [email protected].  Thank you for joining us this season!

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