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The current FIFA "Laws of the Game" will be applied during all STAFFORD SOCCER games except as noted below.


LAW I - THE FIELD. All dimensions are approximate and may be adjusted to accommodate the specific facilities (goals, fields) that are available to STAFFORD SOCCER.

                                                                U06                       U08                      U10/U12                U14–U19

A. Field Size (yards)                               20x30                  20x30                    50x70                    70 x 110

B. Goals (feet):                                       4x6                      4x6                       6x18                       8x24

C. Goal Area (yards):                             3 (arc)                   3 (arc)                  6x18                        6x20

D. Penalty Area (yards):                         N/A                       N/A                      14x34                      18x44

E. Penalty Spot (yards)                           N/A                       N/A                 10 (from goal)           12 (from goal)

F. Penalty Arc (radius yards)                  N/A                     N/A                  8 (from spot)            10 (from spot)

F. Corner Arcs (radius feet)                   None                      None                      3                                         3

G. Center Circle (radius yards):             3                            3                             8                                        10


LAW II - THE BALL.              U06 - U08: Size 3                  U10 - U12: Size 4                 U14–U19: Size 5



A.     Desired roster sizes for Recreation (unless waived by STAFFORD SOCCER): U6: 10 (divided into two teams for games); U8: 10 (divided into two teams for games); U10: 10; U12: 12; U14: 15; High School: 16. Desired roster sizes for Revolution Academy: U10: 10; U12: 12; U14: 15

B.     Maximum number on the field: U6: 4 per side, no goalkeeper; U8: 4 per side, no goalkeeper; U7/U8 RA 4 per side, no goalkeeper; U10: 7 per side, including keeper; U12: 9 per side, including keeper; U14-U19: 11 per side, including keeper.

C.    Minimum number on the field: U6: 3 per side; U8: 3 per side; U10: 4 per side; U12: 5 per side; U14-U19: 7 per side.

D.    Prior to game, the referee will conduct a roster check for each U14 and above team. Rosters are considered “official” when accessed via TSHQ app on coach, assistant coach or parent smartphone or a paper copy of the roster. Coaches who cannot provide a roster will be accessed 5 points.

E      Playing time: Each player, unless injured or otherwise disqualified from playing, will play at least one-half to three-quarters of every game, unless STAFFORD SOCCER has chosen to waive the rule concerning the maximum number of players on roster. In that case, all eligible players will play an equal amount of time of every game.

F.     Substitutions: Unlimited. Substitutions may be made before goal kicks, own throw-ins or kick-ins, between quarters, at halftime or when a goal is scored. When an injured player is removed, each team may substitute one player (1 for 1). Unlimited substitutions may be made on throw-ins by the team in possession. The opposing team may substitute if and only if the team in possession for the throw-in is making a substitution.



A.    Uniform shirt and socks: The standard STAFFORD SOCCER uniform shirt will be worn for all games by all players except goalkeepers, who will wear shirts that are distinctive in color and appearance from other players. Home color is Navy. Away color is White.

B.    Shoes: Tennis or soccer shoes may be worn. Metal cleats are not permitted. Baseball or multipurpose shoes will not be worn unless they are modified by removing the toe cleat.

C.    Inclement/cold weather clothing: Permitted, but must be worn underneath STAFFORD SOCCER uniform items. Garments worn beneath uniform items do not have to match in color or appearance among team players. Gloves and soft caps for players are permitted if weather conditions dictate, in the opinion of the referee. Baseball caps are not approved for any player.


LAW V – REFEREE (Center).

A.    Referee: U6: One Parent/Coach per team will be on the field to provide direction, not to referee. U8: One Parent/Coach per team on field to provide direction/control the game. U10-U12: Grade 9 or above, U14 & above: Grade 8 or above, FIFA certified referee.

B.     Missing Referee: If a referee is not available at the designated starting game time, the teams must designate a substitute, as agreed upon by the coaches. The substitute referee shall be deemed the official referee for that match. The substitute referee’s decisions shall be honored like those of a regular referee. Games played with a substitute referee shall constitute an officially sanctioned game.

C.    Infractions explained: U6 - U10: All infractions will be briefly explained to the offending player.



A.    Assistant Referee: U6 - U8: None; U10/U12: Each coach shall provide a volunteer as an assistant referee. U14 & above: Grade 9 or above FIFA certified referee.

B.     Missing Assistant Referees: If an assistant referee is not available at the designated starting game time, the teams may designate a substitute assistant referee, as agreed upon by the center referee.

C.    The Assistant Referee may not coach the team from the sidelines.



A.    Game length (unless waived by STAFFORD SOCCER): U6: two simultaneous games with four 8 minute quarters (teams switch goals at breaks and visiting team switches fields at halftime); U8  two simultaneous games with four 10 minute quarters (teams switch goals at breaks and visiting team switches fields at halftime; U10: two 25 minute halves; U12: two 30 minute halves; U14: two 35 minute halves; High School: two 40 minute halves.

B.     Rest periods: U6 – U8: 2 minutes at quarters; 5 minutes at halftime. U10 & above: 5 minutes at halftime. Center referee, at their discretion, may lengthen and/or add other rest or water break periods.

C.    Timekeeping: Continuously running clock, which is kept by the referee. Referee may adjust playing time to account for delays due to injuries or other unusual circumstances, at their discretion.

D.    Complete games.

1). Regular season games: if one-half or more of a game is played and the game is then suspended by the referee due to        unusual circumstances (inclement weather, etc.), then the results of the game shall stand. Games that are suspended before one-half is played will be rescheduled and replayed in their entirety.



A. Kick-offs: U6 – U8: Team that elects, or is provided the kickoff at the coin toss will kick off 1st and 4th quarters; opposing team will kick off 2nd and 3rd quarters.

B. Start time: Games will start as scheduled. A 10-minute grace period may be provided, at the discretion of the referee, for the first game of the day at the field only if one or both teams do not have the required number of players to start the game.




LAW X - METHOD OF SCORING. U6 & U8: No score kept. U6 – U8: No scoring directly from kick-offs.


LAW XI – OFFSIDE. U6 – U8: No offside and no protecting goal area (i.e., players in goal area with no opposing players). Play/coaching which appears to intentionally attempt to gain unfair advantage considered unsporting conduct.


LAW XII - FOULS AND MISCONDUCT. Abusive behavior towards referees or other participants will not be tolerated! What constitutes abusive behavior is solely at the discretion of the referee. Reference STAFFORD SOCCER Bylaws and Operations Manual regarding suspensions and Disciplinary Point System.

A. Dissent: Players or coaches that direct dissent specifically about a game situation or at an official will be sent off the field and may be shown the red card, as circumstances warrant, in the opinion of the referee.

B. Dissent/abusive behavior by parents or other spectators: Parents or other spectators who direct dissent specifically at an official, or who demonstrate abusive behavior will be required to leave the area. Failure to do so in a timely manner will result in the responsible coach being sent off and suspension of the game by the referee, at his or her discretion.

C. Slide tackles: U6 – U8: No slide tackles. All: No slide tackles from behind

D. Goal area infraction (see Law XI above): Indirect (U6 – U8) kick awarded to opposing team.


LAW XIII - FREE KICKS. Conform to FIFA except U6 – U8: All kicks are indirect; U6 – U8: Opponent at least 4 yards away from spot of kick; U10 – U12: Opponent at least 8 yards away.


LAW XIV - PENALTY KICK. U6 – U8: No penalty kicks.


LAW XV - THROW-IN. U6: No throw-ins. Kick-in awarded to team gaining possession at the spot ball went into touch (e.g., out). U8: Re-throws permitted for incorrect throw-ins after the improper method is explained to the player.


LAW XVI - GOAL KICK. U6/U8 Retreat Line:-During a Team’s goal kick, the opposing players must retreat back behind the halfway line. Players must remain behind the half way line until the ball is kicked. Once the ball is kicked the opposing players can cross over the line to apply pressure and play is resumed as normal. If the ball is kicked out of bounds then it will be played as a Kick-in (or throw-in for U8 division) for the opposing team at the spot where the ball went out. Failure to have opposing players behind the half way like will result in a re-kick


LAW XVII - CORNER KICK. Conform to FIFA except, opponents remain 4 yds (U6 – U8) or 8 yds (U10 – U12) from ball.



A. Alcohol or tobacco use is prohibited at STAFFORD SOCCER activities. Loud noise makers (such as megaphones) also prohibited.

B. Coaching during game: U6-U8: One coach per team permitted on each field. U10 & above: “Tactical instructions” permitted from one yard off touchline and 20 yards either side of midfield (midfield to 20 yards towards goal on team side, if both teams on same side of field).

C. Team area: REC and RA: U10 and above - Teams on one side spectators on the other side. Players and spectators must remain within the area that is defined by an imaginary line five feet behind their touchline and the outer penalty box lines at each end of the field. For side by side fields, spectators will occupy the outside perimeter and coaches/players the inside perimeter.

D. Resolution of Tie Games: (1) Regular season: No overtime/Tie-breakers; (2) Playoff or championship games: Two 10 minute overtime periods, followed by a penalty kick tie-breaker if score still tied at completion of both overtime periods. Overtime procedures will conform to FIFA, as described in “Laws of the Game.” Normal substitution is permitted during overtime.

E. Jewelry: No jewelry may be worn in STAFFORD SOCCER games, except medical bracelets.

F. Referee or Coach (if no referee) should make the call to cancel a game if wet fields could compromise safety or field integrity.

REVISED 7/24/2018

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