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Please CLICK HERE to access the U8 Coaches Quick Reference Guide to use throughout the season.

To help coaches within the season, Stafford Soccer has produced lesson plans to assist coaches throughout the season. The sessions are designed by our technical staff and work off the US Soccer guidelines on simple to complex. Below are session plans for a 10 week schedule. Coaches do not need to stick to the lessons if they feel their team needs to focus on a different topic that week. All sessions are ideas that we hope coaches will find helpful. Sessions will consist of an activity/game, diagram of activity and explanation of activity

U8 Sessions
Week 1 (Dribbling) Week 2 (Passing) Week 3 (Shooting) Week 4 (Dribbling) Week 5 (Passing)
Week 6 (Control) Week 7 (Shooting) Week 8 (Passing & Receiving) Week 9 (Dribbling) Week 10 (Passing)

 Sessions at this age should focus on
                -Balance and coordination, 
                -Dribbling with the ball,
-Individual ball skills,
                -Spatial awareness,
-Working with a team mate,
                -Intended passes,

At this age players should be able to:
                -Keep their balance,
                -Dribble keeping the ball close to them,
-Change direction with the ball using a soccer 'move',
-Look to make passes to team mates,
-Understand the direction their team is going


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