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Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Code

As of Feburary 2019 the Code of Conduct and Rules and Discipline verbiage was removed from the Operations Manual and replaced with its own document. CLICK HERE to view the document. 


Rules and Discipline
Mission The Rules and Discipline Committee, (R&D Committee), exists to ensure compliance with rules and standards of conduct deemed in the best interests of the Stafford Soccer travel division, its participating members, coaches and other team officials, players and parents, the leagues in which teams participate, VYSL, and the USSF.

The Committee shall also shall also address issues, at the direction of the President of the Stafford Soccer or its Board of Directors, or interested petitioning parties, involving the interests of the club or the Good of the Game.

Responsibilities of the R&D Committee shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

a. Review of major incidents (e.g., fighting, or foul/abusive behavior);

b. Review of minor incidents (e.g., yellow cards, parent complaints);

c. Assessment of penalty cards / penalty points accumulations;

d. Ensuring compliance with USSF, VYSA, League, or Club rules or requirements;

e. Updating Stafford Soccer, coaches, and others of rule changes affecting Stafford Soccer teams;

f. Providing recommendations concerning the acceptance of new teams;

g. Background screening and acceptance of coaches as required;

h. Assessing required licensing of coaches;

i. Reviewing coaches’ required responsibilities – (penalty reporting, notification of visiting coaches, reporting scores, etc.);

j. Review of recruiting violations as appropriate;

k. Review and disposition of petitions from interested parties;

l. Screening of teams for acceptance into the Stafford Soccer;

m. Intercession in team or Club disputes;

n. Providing recommendations on ‘playing up’ or other policies;

o. Addressing any other issues requested by the President or the Board of Directors.

Committee Composition The committee shall consist of the R&D Coordinator, a representative of the Recreation Division, a representative of the Revolution Academy Division, a representative of the Travel Division, and the Vice President. 


Code of Conduct: All Stafford Soccer members shall abide by the current season’s ethics statement/code of conduct which shall be posted on the website. The following standards shall be required at all times during any event in which a Stafford Soccer team participates.
 a. Coaches shall:
     i. Know the FIFA Laws of the Game and the rules of Stafford Soccer and/or League and abide by them;
     ii. Instruct players and parents in the rules and motivate each player to compete according to the rules at all times;
     iii. Treat officials with respect and dignity, and teach their players to do the same;
     iv. Maintain control of his/her emotions and avoid actions, language, and/or gestures that may be interpreted as hostile or humiliating;
     v. Direct comments or criticism at performance rather than the athlete;
     vi. Promote and practice good sportsmanship and fair play and never condone violations of the Laws of the Game or behavior contrary to the spirit of the Laws of the Game;
     vii. Not use or tolerate inappropriate language;
     viii. Ensure that spectators of his/her team exhibit sportsmanship and maturity at all times and assist league and game officials in maintaining control of spectators during games;
     ix. Model respect for opponents and expect their players and parents to do the same.
 b. Players shall:
     i. Know and make his/her best effort to obey the letter of the Laws of the Game;
     ii. Understand and respect the spirit of the Laws, avoiding cynical and unfair play;
     iii. Respect and honor all other participants – opponents, referees, coaches, and spectators;
     iv. Strive to enjoy the game, and to promote enjoyment of the game by others.

 c. Spectators shall:
     i. Set an example for the players and consider the likely effect of their actions on the players;

     ii. Promote the learning, effort, and development of all participants by encouragement and patience;

     iii. Refrain to the greatest extent possible from disagreeing publicly with the referee’s decisions, remembering that loud or persistent disagreement can undermine the referee’s ability to monitor and control the game – to the detriment of the players – and can undercut the referee’s authority, and over time, the status of all authority figures;

     iv. Never insult, demean, or criticize any participant, whether player, game official, or team official. Offensive, insulting, or abusive language is absolutely contrary to the spirit of the game;

     v. Refrain from adverse interaction with other spectators;

     vi. Do whatever can be done, by word and example, to encourage adherence to these principles by those parents and spectators who have greater difficulty adhering to them.

 Actions The committee shall present findings and recommendations following from considerations and investigations of matters before it to the Board. Contingent upon the nature of the matter at issue, the Board may act upon the issue, or open the matter to further discussion by voting members of the Club.

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