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Adult League


Competitive Coed (need 2 teams)
Classic Coed (need 1 team)
Men's 30 and Older (need a few teams)
 Free agents taken for all divisions!  


Stafford Soccer Adult League is a MDCVSA State member organization.
Read more about what benefits you have as a player by visiting their web page at

Competitive Men's and Competitive Coed:

-This league is focused on the competitive side of the game

-Players in this division are well experienced with the sport

-Teams and individuals are seeking competition against other experienced teams and athletes

-Top 4 teams will compete in the play-offs

-There must be at least 4 teams registered in order for the division to continue. Divisions will be combined if there are insufficient teams to support a division. 

Classic Coed:

-This league is focused more on the Social aspect of the game.

-Players in this division may be new or have little experience in the game

-Teams and Individuals are just looking for some organized fun and staying active with friends.

-There will be no playoffs or finals for this division. Division will play 8 games. 

-There must be at least 4 teams registered in order for the division to continue. Divisions will be combined if there are insufficient teams to support a division. 

Mens 30 and Over League:

- Open to both experienced and amateur players

- This division is recommended for players who are still seeking a competitive environment.

- Top 4 teams compete in the playoffs

- Players must turn 30 prior to the start of the season

-There must be at least 4 teams registered in order for the division to continue. Divisions will be combined if there are insufficient teams to support a division.


-Age: U20 and over (Spring and Fall League)
-Age Eligibility:  (In force for Summer ONLY) Summer Adult League will reference the Recreation Age Chart for Fall/Spring 2019-20 when considering eligibility with this exception:  Players who graduate from High School June 2020 or earlier with DOB in the years 2001 or 2002 may play in the Summer Adult League. These same players who were allowed to play within the Adult SUMMER League may NOT play Adult League in the Fall if there is a Youth Team available within their age group. All 01's can register on their own, 2002's will need to be added by the office staff.
-8v8 (7 fieldplayers and a goalkeeper)
- Competitive or Classic
-4 divisions available (Competitive and Classic Coed; Men's and 30 and Over Competitive)
-8 teams per division (minimum of 4)
-Team Captains (Head Coach)
-Season will consist of 7 regular season games. Top 4 teams in Men's Competitive, Men's 30 and Over, and Competitive Coed divisions go to the playoffs, with the winner of the two games advancing to the Finals. Classic Coed will not hold finals, but have one additional game in the schedule. 
-Games will be played on 70x50 yard fields
-Games will be played on Monday for Men's (Competitive and 30 and Over) Wednesday for Coed (Competitive and Classic) evenings between 8pm and 11pm at Embrey Mill fields 7 and 8.


- Free Agent registration opens concurrently with Team Registration
- Returning players - contact your team lead from Spring or Summer 2019
- Registration for returning players or free agents ends on September 8. 
-Individual Fee levels
  • 12/72019 - 02/29/2020 = $85
  • After 02/29/2020 = $95
-Players have the ability to sign up for a team or to sign up as a free agent.

-House Teams (individually registered players organized by Stafford Soccer into a team) may be formed at the discretion of the league.                                                    

Roster Rules

-Minimum size of 10 and a maximum size of 14. Minimum roster size must be achieved prior to the first game of the season. Teams may add players to the maximum only until the kickoff of the 3rdrdseasonal game after which no players will be added no matter the size of the roster. Players added to the roster after the end of registration will be assessed a late fee.

-Coed Division - requires 2 female players to be on the field at all times during play.

-If teams are unable to field two females then they shall play short, meaning if only one female player is present, they will play with one less player, and if no female players are present, they will play with two less players.

-+50 Males DO NOT substitute as female players.

- in season roster replacements – player replacements are permitted during season for the following reasons; injury, relocation, military deployment of a current player. All replacement requests will be submitted via an Injury Replacement Form and be supported by the appropriate documentation and are eligible for a prorated refund. Appropriate documentation includes; an injury report from an urgent care facility or doctor; relocation home sale contract or rental cancellation or military orders. Replacement players will be charged the delta between the prorated refund and the total cost of the program without a late fee.

CLICK HERE for link to the Request for Player Replacement

Rules of Play

  • 25 minute halves = 50 minute games

  • All play will be governed by FIFA Laws of the Game with the following modifications due to 8v8 format.
  • Teams must have at least 5 players to begin the match.  The clock begins when the referee signals the start of the match; teams with fewer than five players have a 10-minute grace period before the match is forfeited.
  • No slide-tackling (prevents risk of injury).
  • Goal Keeper Distribution: Goal keepers may not punt or drop-kick the ball at any time during a match. Infractions of this rule will result in an indirect free kick at the spot where the infraction took place. The keeper may use their hands to throw the ball over the midfield line in the air or roll the ball on the ground to kick it over the midfield line. Goal kicks are also allowed to be played across the midfield line through the air. 
  • Offside:  Offsides will be enforced in the area between the opposing team’s goal line to the top of the 18 yard box; this includes the area outside of the 18 yard box near sideline. Players in between the opposing team’s penalty area and mid-field cannot be in an offside position.
  • 10  Minute Grace period – Each game will begin exactly as it is on Schedule – Meaning ref’s will start the Game clock right on time. If a team does not have the required number of players (5) a Grace Period of 10 minutes is provided to allow for more players to arrive. Game Clock continues to run. Once the team has at least 5 players (4 field players + keeper) the game immediately begins. The time spent during Grace-Period IS NOT added to the end, the game is just shortened by however long it takes.
  • Substitutions are allowed at any natural stoppage of play.

Tie Breaker Sequence – Play-offs

If there are teams that are tied at the end of Regular season, the following tie-breakers will be put into play to determine what team will secure a play-off spot. This will also be used if there are two teams that have both secured a spot in play-offs to determine which team will obtain the higher seed.
1.)    Goal Differential (Goals FOR minus Goals AGAINST = Goal DIFFERENTIAL)IF GD is tied – Proceed to TIE BREAKER 2


2.)    Head to Head (Which team won during their regular season meeting)  IF Teams TIED in Regular season – Proceed to TIE BREAKER 3

3.)    Goals Against (Fewest goals against would go through)  IF Goals against are same then proceed to TIE BREAKER 4

4.)    Goals For (Team with more goals scored)  IF Goals FOR are the same then proceed to final TIE BREAKER

5.)    Flip a Coin

Tie Break RULE – Finals

1.     5 minutes of overtime with Golden Goal

2.     3 PK's (Coed teams must have one of three PK's by a female player)

Requirements to Play

Home (Any Color) & Away (White) Shirts
Shin Guards (Covered)
Cleats/Tennis Shoes

*Take off any jewelry!

Photo Identification
Soccer Ball

Registration Listing

No Programs are Currently Displayed

There are no programs or divisions available at the moment. Please contact your club administrator with any questions.

2020 Fall Adult League Preliminary Schedule

Competitive Men’s/Men’s 30 and Over – September 14, 21, 28, October 5, 12, 19, 26, November 2 (Semis), November 9 (Final)

Competitive Coed – September 9, 16, 23, 30, October 7, 14, 21, 28 (Semis), November 4 (Final)

Classic Coed – September 9, 16, 23, 30, October 7, 14, 21, 28, November 4

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